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Meaning and Inentionality

A Dialogical Approach

Mohammad Shafiei

The objective of the present work is to develop a theory of meaning based on the
method of transcendental phenomenology. The key idea of the project is to
explain the constitution of the meaning by means of the analyses of the
intentionality. We have investigated different intentional acts which are
functioning in the expression and in constructing the meanings. In this regard
we have studied, first, the act of the primordial expression, in which a
content of an intuition is raised to the realm of the ideal, and then the acts
of the categorial synthesis, in which further meanings are constituted in the
absence of their proper intuition.

We have investigated the effects of the phenomenological theory of meaning to
the conception of pure logic. Dialogical semantics is shown to be an adequate
framework, from the phenomenological point of view, to interpret logical
reasoning and to explain the meaning of the logical constants as well.

We have also discussed the meanings of some logical connectives, and their
formalizations, using our phenomenologico-dialogical method. In particular,
the meaning explanations of negation(s), strict implication and necessity are
given in a way which is not model theoretic nor proof theoretic, but based on
the transcendental intentionality as manifested in the course of the dialogue.

1 February 2018


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