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Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures


Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures

Volume 4(1), 2009

Hvedri Inassaridze, Editor-in-Chief

Homotopy is a basic discipline of mathematics having fundamental and various applications to important fields of mathematics.

The Journal has a wide scope which ranges from homotopical algebra and algebraic number theory and functional analysis. Diverse algebraic, geometric, topological and categorical structures are closely related to homotopy and the influence of homotopy is found in many fundamental areas of mathematics such as general algebra, algebraic topology, algebraic geometry, category theory, differential geometry, computer science, K-theory, functional analysis, Galois theory ad in physical sciences as well.

The J. Homotopy and Related Structures intends to develop its vision on the determining role of homotopy in mathematics. the aim of the Journal is to show the importance, merit and diversity of homotopy in mathematical sciences.
The J. Homotopy and Related structures is primarily concerned with publishing carefully refereed significant and original research papers. However a limited number of carefully selected survey and expository papers are also included, and special issues devoted to Proceedings of meetings in the field as well as to Festschrifts.

January 2010


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