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Series edited by Ian Mackie

Texts in Computing is a series of books encompassing undergraduate, post-graduate, and research-level texts. The books cover the full spectrum of computing, with a particular emphasis on theoretical aspects of the subject as taught at university level. Textbooks are written from class-tested material developed by authors, and provide students with an affordable first resource towards learning the subject. Research-level books address challenging topics and problems in an accessible style.

Volume 23:

Computation Counts
An Introduction to Analytic Concepts in Computer Science

Paul E. Dunne


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Volume 22:

Languages, Machines, and Classical Computation
Second Edition

Luis M. Augusto


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Volume 21:

A Mathematical Primer on Computability

Amilcar Sernadas, Cristina Sernadas and Joao Rasga


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Volume 20:

An Introduction to Ontology Engineering

C. Maria Keet


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Volume 19:

Computational Logic: Volume 1
Classical Deductive Computing with Classical Logic. Second Edition

Luis M. Augusto


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Volume 18:

What Is a Computer and What Can it Do?
An Algorithms-Oriented Introduction to the Theory of Computation

Thomas C. O'Connell


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Volume 17:

Acts of the Programme
Isaac Newton Institute for the Mathematical Sciences, January to July 2012

Arnold Beckmann and Benedikt Loewe, eds


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Volume 16:

Implementing Programming Languages
An Introduction to Compilers and Interpreters

Aarne Ranta, with an appendix coauthored by Markus Forsberg


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Volume 15:

Design and Analysis of Purely Functional Programs
Second Edition

Christian Rinderknecht


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Volume 14:

Java: Just In Time
Updated and Revised 2018 version now available

John Latham


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Volume 13:

Picturing Programs
An Introduction to Computer Programming

Stephen Bloch


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Volume 12:

The Mathematics of the Models of Reference

Francesco Berto, Gabriele Rossi and Jacopo Tagliabue


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Volume 11:

A Generative Approach to Programming

Daniel Zingaro


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Volume 10:

Foundations of Logic and Theory of Computation
Second edition

Amilcar Sernadas and Cristina Sernadas

ISBN 978-1-904987-88-8

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Volume 9:

Logic for Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology

Dov M. Gabbay

ISBN 978-1-904987-39-0

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Volume 8:

A Meeting of the Minds: Proceedings of the Workshop on Logic, Rationality and Interaction, Beijing, 2007

Johan van Benthem, Shier Ju, Frank Veltman (editors)

ISBN 978-1-904987-48-2

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Volume 5:

Bridges from Classical to Nonmonotonic Logic

David Makinson

ISBN 1904987001

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Volume 4:

The Haskell Road to Logic, Maths and Programming
Second edition

Kees Doets, Jan van Eijck

ISBN 0-9543006-9-6

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Volume 3:

Logical Reasoning: a First Course

Rob Nederpelt, Fairouz Kamareddine

ISBN 0-9543006-7-X

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Volume 2:

An Introduction to Lambda Calculi for Computer Scientists

Chris Hankin

ISBN 0-9543006-5-3

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Volume 1:

Programming Languages and Operational Semantics

Maribel Fernández

ISBN 0-9543006-3-7

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