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Welcome to College Publications!

Digital downloads for certain publications are now available to buy (as a pdf). These are indicated by the following banner:

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If a publication you would like a digital copy of is not available to download, please get in touch.

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The aims of College Publications are:

  • To provide the academic community with a non-profit making, highly prestigious publishing outlet that will break the monopoly that commercial publishers have.

  • To publish books that can be purchased at reasonable prices, making information accessible to all.

  • To show that academics no longer need to be controlled by commercial interests!

  • You can view our policies on publishing ethics here.


    "I hope I can send more projects in the future; this has been a remarkably positive experience dealing with a publisher. I have made sure to tell everyone I know how College Publications works."
    Odysseus Makridis

    "I own quite a few books from College Publications since you offer many valuable books at unbeatable prices! To name only one example: I bought the 1st edition of Kunen's great "Set Theory" for 80 EUR, I've now got the even improved and enlarged 2nd edition of this book managed by your publishing house for less than 30 EUR.

    After many years of watching how the prices of scientific books and journals became higher and higher - especially when published by one of the large scientific publishing companies - endeavours like yours give hope that alternatives to this trend are possible."
    Dirk Ullrich

    "Let me express my content at being published by College Publications.This was the first and only publisher I envisaged after I saw it recommended on the web site Lambda the Ultimate and I agreed immediately with the philosophy statement on your web site. The resolute academic focus, by academics, is what academic publishing ought to be."
    Christian Rinderknecht

    Latest publication:

    Festschrift for Martin PurvisSeries: Tributes
    Volume: 47

    Festschrift for Martin Purvis

    Mariusz Nowostawski and Holger Regenbrecht, eds


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