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Studies in Logic

These subseries are the scientific continuation of the two Elsevier series: Studies in Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (the "Yellow" series); and Studies in Logic and Practical Reasoning (the "Red" series). With the demise of these, we have established a new series that will take its place in the community.

We are maintaining historical continuity and the high scientific quality of the series, with strong editorial boards. We see this as an opportunity to expand the remit of the series to cover mathematical logic arising from applications in diverse areas, taking account of developments in logic in the second half of the last century.

History of Logic

Logic and cognitive systems

Mathematical logic and foundations

Studies in Logic and Argumentation

Volume 91:

A View of Connexive Logics

Nissim Francez


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Volume :

Artificial Intelligence
What is it, exactly?

Sebastien Konieczny and Henri Prade, editors


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Volume 88:

Belief Attitudes, Fine-Grained Hyperintensionality and Type-Theoretic Logic

Jiří Raclavský


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Volume 84:

Witness Theory
Notes on λ-calculus and Logic

Adrian Rezuş


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Volume 83:

Reasoning: Games, Cognition, Logic

Mariusz Urbański, Tomasz Skura, Paweł Łupkowski, editors


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Volume 82:

Formal Logic
Classical Problems and Proofs

Luis M. Augusto


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Volume 79:

Games Iteration Numbers
A Philosophical Introduction to Computability Theory

Luca M. Possati


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Volume 78:

Logic and Philosophy of Logic
Recent Trends in Latin America and Spain

Max A. Freund, Max Fernandez de Castro and Marco Ruffino, eds


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Volume 73:

Measuring Inconsistency in Information

John Grant and Maria Vanina Martinez, eds.


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Volume 72:

Fathoming Formal Logic: Vol II
Semantics and Proof Theory for Predicate Logic

Odysseus Makridis


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Volume 71:

Fathoming Formal Logic: Vol I
Theory and Decision Procedures for Propositional Logic

Odysseus Makridis


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Volume 70:

Proceedings of the International Conference Philosophy, Mathematics, Linguistics: Aspects of Interaction, 2012 (PhML-2012)
Euler International Mathematical Institute St Petersburg, May 22-25, 2012

Oleg Prosorov, editor


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Volume 69:

Logic and Conditional Probability
A Synthesis

Philip Calabrese


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Volume 67:

Many-Valued Logics
A Mathematical and Computational Introduction. Second Edition

Luis M. Augusto


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Volume 64:

Logic of Questions in the Wild
Inferential Erotetic Logic in Information Seeking Dialogue Modelling

Pawel Lupkowski


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Volume 61:

Philosophical Applications of Modal Logic

Lloyd Humberstone


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Volume 57:

Proof-theoretic Semantics

Nissim Francez


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Volume 52:

Inconsistency Robustness

Carl Hewitt and John Woods, eds.


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Volume 54:

Proof Theory of N4-related Paraconsistent Logics

Norihiro Kamide and Heinrich Wansing


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Volume 51:

Metalogical Contributions to the Nonmonotonic Theory of Abstract Argumentation

Ringo Baumann


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Volume 50:

Intuitionistic Set Theory

John L. Bell


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Volume 49:

Introduction to Propositional Satisfiability

Victor Marek


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Volume 47:

Logic Across the University: Foundations and Applications
Proceedings of the Tsinghua Logic Conference, Beijing, 2013

Johan van Benthem and Fenrong Liu, eds


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Volume 41:

Symbolic Knowledge from Leibniz to Husserl

Abel Lassalle Casanave, editor


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Volume 36:

Understanding Vagueness
Logical, Philosophical, and Linguistic Perspectives

Petr Cintula, Christian G. Fermuller, Lluis Godo, and Petr Hajek, eds


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Volume 35:

Logic is not Mathematical

Hartley Slater


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Volume 32:

Foundations of the Formal Sciences VII
Bringing together Philosophy and Sociology of Science

Karen Francois, Benedikt Lowe, Thomas Muller and Bart van Kerkhove, eds


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Volume 28:

Passed over in Silence
On Wittgenstein's Tractatus and its System

Jaap van der Does


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Volume 16:

Foundations of the Formal Sciences VI
Probabilistic Reasoning and Reasoning with Probabilities

Benedikt Loewe, Eric Pacuit and Jan-Willem Romeijn, eds


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Volume 15:

Logic, Navya-Nyaya and Applications
Homage to Bimal Krishna Matilal

Mihir K. Chakraborti, Benedikt Loewe, Madhabendra Nath Mitra and Sundar Sarukkai, eds.


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Volume 27:

Inconsistent Geometry

Chris Mortensen


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Volume 26:

Philosophical Aspects of Symbolic Reasoning in Early Modern Mathematics

Albrecht Heeffer and Maarten van Dyck, editors


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Volume 25:

The Analytical Way
Proceedings of the 6th European Congress of Analytic Philosophy

Tadeusz Czarnecki, Katarzyna Kijania-Placek, Olga Pollr and Jan Wolenski, eds


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Volume 23:

The Logic of Fiction

John Woods. Foreword by Nicholas Griffin


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Volume 21:

The Many Sides of Logic

Editors: Walter Carnielli, Marcelo E. Coniglio, Itala M. Loffredo D`Ottaviano


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Volume 14:

New Approaches to Classes and Concepts

Klaus Robering, editor


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Volume 11:

Foundations of the Formal Sciences V
Infinite Games

Stefan Bold, Benedikt Lwe, Thoralf Rsch and Johan van Benthem

ISBN 978-1-904987-75-8

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Volume 7:

Fallacies: Selected Papers 1972-1982

John Woods, Douglas Walton with a Foreword by Dale Jacquette

ISBN 9781904987161

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Volume 6:

How to Sell a Contradiction: The Logic and Metaphysics of Inconsistency

Francesco Berto

ISBN 9781904987437

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Volume 5:

Incompleteness in the Land of Sets

Melvin Fitting

ISBN 9781904987345

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Volume 4:

Algebra, Logic and Set Theory

Edited by Benedikt Lwe

ISBN 1904987281

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Volume 3:

Foundations of the Formal Sciences IV

Edited by Benedikt Lwe, Volker Peckhaus and Thoralf Rsch

ISBN 190498729X

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Volume 2:

MBR04: Model Based Reasoning in Science and Engineering

Edited by Lorenzo Magnani

ISBN 1-904987-23-0

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Volume 1:

Proof-Theoretical Coherence

Kosta Doen, Zoran Petri?

ISBN 1904987060

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Volume :

Handbook of Deontic Logic and Normative Systems

Dov Gabbay, John Horty, Xavier Parent, Ron van der Meyden, Leendert van der Torre, eds


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