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Founding Editor: Harold "Bud" Lawson


Jon P. Wade
(coordinator), Neil Carhart and Wolfgang Hofkirchner

The Systems series publishes books related to Systems Science, Systems Thinking, Systems Engineering and Software Engineering.

Systems Science having its contemporary roots in the first half of the 20th century is today made up of a diversity of approaches that have entered different fields of investigation. Systems Science explores how common features manifest in natural and social systems of varying complexity in order to provide scientific foundations for describing, understanding and designing systems.

Systems Thinking has grown during the latter part of the 20th century into highly useful discipline independent methods, languages and practices. Systems Thinking focuses upon applying concepts, principles, and paradigms in the analysis of the holistic structural and behavioral properties of complex systems - in particular the patterns of relationships that arise in the interactions of multiple systems.

Systems and Software Engineering Systems Engineering has gained momentum during the latter part of the 20th century and has led to engineering related practices and standards that can be used in the life cycle management of complex systems. Software Engineering has continued to grow in importance as the software content of most complex systems has steadily increased and in many cases have become the dominant elements. Both Systems and Software Engineering focus upon transforming the need for a system into products and services that meet the need in an effective, reliable and cost effective manner. While there are similarities between Systems and Software Engineering, the unique properties of software often requires special expertise and approaches to life cycle management.

Systems Science, Systems Thinking, as well as Systems and Software Engineering can, and need to, be considered complementary in establishing the capability to individually and collectively "think" and "act" in terms of systems in order to face the complex challenges of modern systems.

Systems Series Editorial Board

Gabriele Bammer (Australia)*
Yaneer Bar-Yam (USA)*
Johan Bendz (Sweden)
Gerhard Chroust (Austria)*
John Collier (South Africa)*
Cihan H. Dagli (USA)
Yagmur Denizhan (Turkey)*
Irina Dobronravova (Ukraine)*
Timothy L.J. Ferris (Australia)
Klaus Fuchs-Kittowski (Germany)*
Ramsés Fuenmayor (Venezuela)*
Donald S. Gelosh (USA)
Patrik Godfrey (UK)
John Gøtze (Denmark)
Amanda Gregory (UK)*
Ernesto Grün (Argentina)*
Jifa Gu (China)*
Debora Hammond (USA)*
Cecilia Haskins (Norway)
Enrique G. Herrscher (Argentina)*
Francis Heylighen (Belgium)*
Cliff Hooker (Australia)*
Anders Jensen-Waud (Australia)
Magdalena Kalaidjieva (Bulgaria)*
Helena Knyazeva (Russia)*
George Lasker (Canada)*
Allenna Leonard (Canada)*
James Martin (USA)
Gary Metcalf (USA)*
Gerald Midgley (New Zealand)*
Gianfranco Minati (Italy)*
Edgar Morin (France)*
Matjaz Mulej (Slovenia)*
Yoshiteru Nakamori (Japan)*
Andreas Pickel (Canada)*
David J Pym (UK)
Jack Ring (USA)
Michel St. Germain (Canada)*
Markus Schwaninger (Switzerland)*
Sarah Sheard (USA)
Hillary Sillitto (UK)
Janet Singer (USA)
Len Troncale (USA)*
Martha Vahl (UK)*
Dinesh Verma (USA)
Gertrudis van de Vijver (Belgium)*
Charles Wasson (USA)
Jennifer Wilby (UK)*
Rainer E. Zimmermann (Germany)*

Members marked with as asterisk (*) are also members of the Exploring Unity Through Diversity Editorial Board.

This series is a cooperative enterprise between College Publications, the Jacos School of Engineering at UC San Diego and the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS).

For further information concerning the Systems Series see

UC San Diego              Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science Logo

Volume 9:

Creating, Analysing and Sustaining Smarter Cities
A Systems Perspective

Ian Abbott-Donnelly and Harold "Bud" Lawson, eds


View Details

Volume 8:

Using Systems Thinking to Solve Real-World Problems

Jamie P. Monat and Thomas F. Gannon


View Details

Volume 7:

Software Engineering in the Systems Context
Addressing Frontiers, Practice and Education

Ivar Jacobson and Harold Bud Lawson, eds


View Details

Volume 6:

Architecting Systems. Concepts, Principles and Practice
Concepts, Principles and Practice

Hillary Sillitto


View Details

Volume 5:

Parcours au Pays des Systèmes

Harold ''Bud'' Lawson. Traduit de l'anglais par Brigitte Daniel-Allegro


View Details

Volume 4:

Measuring Organisational Efficiency
in collaboration with Micael Frenck

Francisco Parra-Luna and Eva Kasparova, eds


View Details

Volume 3:

Beyond Alignment
Applying Systems Thinking in Architecting Enterprises

John Gøtze and Anders Jensen-Waud, eds


View Details

Volume 2:

A Discipline of Mathematical Systems Modelling

Matthew Collinson, Brian Monahan, David Pym


View Details

Volume 1:

A Journey Through the Systems Landscape

Harold 'Bud' Lawson


View Details

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