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Studies in Logic and Argumentation


Studies in Logic and Argumentationis a monograph series from College Publications, devoted to the publication of original work of high quality in logic and argumentation theory, both of which are given broad construal. Under the guidance of a distinguished panel of editorial advisors and the managing editorship of John Woods, submissions are solicited in the following areas: practical reasoning; deductive reasoning and all forms of ampliative reasoning; scientific and legal reasoning; game theoretic and dialogue logics; belief revision logics; conflict resolution strategies; epistemic and deontic logics; cognitive and experimental psychology; linguistics; computer logic and AI; fallacy theory; formal epistemics; and nonverbal argumentation. While the series is open to a wide variety of analytical and scientific methodologies, it lays its principal emphasis on rigour, as well as conceptual sophistication and/or technical virtuosity. In addition to monographs of requisite quality and timeliness, the editors welcome enquiries concerning the publication of anthologies and conference proceedings of like importance.

Managing Editor:
  • John Woods

  • Editorial Advisory Board:
  • Ulrike Hahn, psychology and cognitive science - United Kingdom
  • Fabio Paglieri, cognitive science - Italy
  • Marcello Guarini, logic and cognitive science - Canada
  • Phan Minh Dung, computer science - Thailand
  • Trevor Bench-Capon, computer science and law - United Kingdom
  • John Woods, argumentation theory and logic - Canada

  • All enquiries and proposals should be addressed, in the first instance to John Woods.

    Volume 77:

    Argumentation and Inference. Volume II
    Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation

    Steve Oswald and Didier Maillat, eds


    View Details

    Volume 76:

    Argumentation and Inference. Volume I
    Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation

    Steve Oswald and Didier Maillat, eds


    View Details

    Volume 74:

    Dictionary of Argumentation
    An Introduction to Argumentation Studies

    Christian Plantin


    View Details

    Volume 68:

    Argument Technologies
    Theory, Analysis, and Applications

    Edited by Floris Bex, Floriana Grasso, Nancy Green, Fabio Paglieri and Chris Reed


    View Details

    Volume 63:

    Argumentation and Reasoned Action. Volume II
    Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Argumentation, Lisbon 2015

    Dima Mohammed and Marcin Lewinski, eds


    View Details

    Volume 62:

    Argumentation and Reasoned Action. Volume I
    Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Argumentation, Lisbon 2015

    Dima Mohammed and Marcin Lewinski, eds


    View Details

    Volume 59:

    The Psychology of Argument
    Cognitive Approaches to Argumentation and Persuasion

    Fabio Paglieri, Laura Bonelli and Silvia Felletti, eds


    View Details

    Volume 43:

    Logic, Truth and Inquiry

    Mark Weinstein


    View Details

    Volume 42:

    An Approach to Logic and Argumentation Theory

    Maurice A. Finocchiaro


    View Details

    Volume 39:


    Lawrence H. Powers


    View Details

    Volume 33:

    Conductive Argument
    An Overlooked Type of Defeasible Reasoning

    J. Anthony Blair and Ralph H. Johnson, eds


    View Details

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