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Deontic Logic and Normative Systems

15th International Conference, DEON 2020/2021

Fenrong Liu, Alessandra Marra, Paul Portner and Frederik Van De Putte, eds

This is the webpage of the Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Deontic Logic and Normative Systems (DEON2020/2021). Here you can download the papers that have been accepted for presentation at the DEON conference and for publication in the conference proceedings. All submitted papers underwent double-blind peer review. Out of a total of 45 submissions, we selected 18 papers (one since withdrawn for personal reasons), based on the reviews and with an eye on the diversity and multi-disciplinarity of the conference series. There will be a call in Spring 2021 for a small number of additional papers; submissions made in response to this call will undergo the same review process and, if accepted, will be added to the proceedings of DEON 2020/2021, and presented at the conference.

Please note that the DEON conference was originally scheduled for the Summer of 2020, but due to COVID-19, it has been postponed to the summer of 2021. The conference will take place on the 21st-24th July 2021, at the MCMPLMU Munich.

The papers available here have followed the DEON stylesheet and are otherwise in their final form, but as of the current date, they have not yet been collected into a single volume and hence page numbers are preliminary. The publication will be finalized after the second group of papers is added in the Summer of 2021. When citing these works, please use the following format:

[AUTHOR]. “[TITLE]”. To appear in: Fenrong Liu, Alessandra Marra, Paul Portner, and Frederik Van De Putte (eds.). Deontic Logic and Normative Systems: 15th International Conference (DEON2020/2021, Munich). London: College Publications, 2021.

Links to the individual papers can be found, in alphabetical order, below:

1. Edgar Avendaño-Mejía and Yolanda Torres-Falcón. The roles of authority and norm-addressees in deontic puzzles

2. Pablo F. Castro, Valentin Cassano, Raul Fervari, and Carlos Areces. Deontic Action Logics via Alge

3. Agata Ciabattoni and Björn Lellmann. Sequent Rules for Reasoning and Conflict Resolution in Conditional Norms

Tiziano Dalmonte, Charles Grellois, and Nicola Olivetti. Proof systems for the logics of

5. Thijs De Coninck and Frederik Van De Putte. The Original Position: a Logical Analysis

6. Federico L. G. Faroldi, Meghdad Ghari, Eveline Lehmann, and Thomas Studer. Impossible and Conflicting Obligations in Justification Logic

7. Stef Frijters and Thijs De Coninck. The Manchester Twins: Conflicts Between<
>Directed Obligations

8. Alessandro Giordani. Reason-based Deontic Logic

9. Daniela Glavaničová and Matteo Pascucci. Axiomatizing norms across time and the `Paradox of the Court'

10. Valentin Goranko. How deontic logic ought to be: towards a many-sorted framework for normative reasoning

11. Guido Governatori, Silvano Colombo Tosatto, and Antonino Rotolo. A Defeasible Deontic Logic for Pragmatic Oddity

12. Guido Governatori and Antonino Rotolo. Is Free Choice Permission Admissible in Classical Deontic Logic?

13. Timo Lang. A Reduction in Violation Logic

14. Juliano Maranhão and Giovanni Sartor. Interpretive Normative Systems

15. Maya Olszewski, Xavier Parent, and Leendert van der Torre. Input/output logic with a consistency check – the case of permission

16. Alexander Steen. Goal-Directed Decision Procedures for Input/Output Logics

17. Kees van Berkel and Tim Lyon. The Varieties of Ought-implies-Can and Deontic STIT Logic

DEON20202021 is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, GermanResearch Foundation) [446508593], which is gratefully acknowledged.
Gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) – [446508593]

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July 2020

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